Tina Davies FADE - Eyebrow Pigment Collection

£200 ex.VAT Klarna

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Set of 8 pigments

The FADE Eyebrow Pigment Collection from Tina Davies contains the following colours:

  • Light Warm Blonde
  • Light Neutral Blonde
  • Medium Warm Auburn
  • Medium Warm Brown
  • Medium Neutral Brown
  • Dark Warm Brown
  • Dark Neutral Brown
  • Deep Cool Brown

    Introducing the Tina Davies FADE eyebrow pigment collection, perfect for those who want beautiful eyebrows without committing to a lifelong shape or colour. FADE is a hybrid line of pigments that is made of mainly inorganic ingredients.

    It is designed to visibly fade into a softer version of the original colour within 12-24 months of application, however, results will vary depending on the client and technique. The FADE pigments are EU REACH compliant.


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