REACH Compliance, What Does it Mean?

What is EU REACH? 

EU REACH is a set of laws to limit the selling, buying and using of hazardous chemicals in the hopes of safeguarding human health as well as the environment. REACH affects products we all buy - from cleaning products, cosmetics and paints to clothes and furniture. New regulations stop products made using now-banned substances from being marketed or sold.

Manufacturers and importers of PMU pigments to the EU are responsible for demonstrating their products are REACH-compliant. This has affected almost every brand and product used by PMU artists including Tina Davies, Brow Daddy and more.

REACH started in 2007 and made its way to the EU PMU market in 2022. As it stands, REACH compliance is not an issue in the UK as we are not part of the EU. However, a UK version of REACH is being introduced and we’ll tell you all the details as they become available to us through our manufacturers.

Brands are having to adapt to these changes by producing new products that satisfy REACH regulations. Although products like the Perma Blend range can no longer be sold or used in the EU, they have introduced their Luxe range with comparable colours and pigments. You can speak to our team by texting MATCH to 07754 759346 if you’re looking for the perfect REACH compliant


Why is this important?

The objective of this decision is to increase safety in the PMU and tattooing industries. PMU is a relatively new field, but during the past few years, it has developed beyond anyone's expectations. As a result, the market is flooded with different pigment brands and formulations.

Since permanent makeup is a form of tattooing, it entails injecting substances into the skin that then affects the entire body. As the pigments are broken down by the body, they can travel around the body and are taken into the bloodstream, mostly travelling to the liver and lymph nodes. Scientific information that brings to light how we can mediate chemical threats to the body should be acted on, which is what the EU hopes to achieve through REACH.


Are the restrictions problematic?

REACH bans many of the chemical compounds used to create tattoo and PMU pigments. Many shades of blue, green, pink and purple use chemicals that are now banned. It may take time for labs to create substitute REACH-compliant pigments for the ones we’re using.

These regulations not just affect the production of PMU products but also the products you can buy or use for your business. If you have any non-REACH compliant stock, you will not be able to store or use them lawfully - so you will have to finish using them before REACH takes effect.

We know many PMU artists who are already transitioning to REACH compliance here in the UK despite it not being enforced so they can get familiar with the pigments they can use and don’t have to throw away non-REACH compliant stock.


Which pigment lines are not affected by EU REACH? 

Not all pigment ranges are affected.  All pigment ranges have had their ingredients scrutinised as many of the compounds that are currently present in inks, pigments, and substances such as certain preservatives, alcohols, and derivatives, have been prohibited in the EU starting on 4 January 2022.

From this date, a significant portion of the pigments now supplied by Pigment brands cannot be marketed, purchased, used, or stored in the EU due to REACH regulations. 

Luckily for us in the UK, all the scrutiny of existing pigments has already been done and we know not all pigment ranges are affected. This is a list of product ranges we know of that are REACH compliant.


What are pigment brands doing about the compliance?

Our industry knowledge tells us all pigment brands either have REACH-compliant pigments already or are still developing them. For example, the Perma Blend Luxe range is fully cleared for use in a post-REACH world. Luxe almost fully replaces the classic collection with great substitutes for your favourite Perma Blend pigments.

We’re also aware that Tina Davies, Brow Daddy and others are developing REACH-compliant ranges. We will be stocking all the pigments produced by these brands and you’ll be able to find them with the REACH filter on our website.

Although we don’t have an exact date just yet, we can be sure that REACH is coming to the UK. We’ll keep you up to date so you’re fully prepared when it happens!


Alternative REACH compliant pigment ranges & colours?

Our brilliant staff have been working behind the scenes to learn how to properly matchmake your favourite pigments to REACH substitutes. They’ve been studying the undertones and drawing up charts to make it easy for you to transition - give them a text to test their knowledge!

Below are a few examples of popular Perma Blend pigments and what colour closely matches in their new Perma Blend Luxe range:


How do I know which new pigment colours which match my old favourites?

We know that REACH is confusing to wrap your head around - it’s a lot to take onboard. If you have any questions, our customer service team is here to help. You can text MATCH followed by your favourite pigment to 07754 759346 and our team will give you advice on what REACH pigment you should buy to replace it.

Shop PMU Beauty is constantly striving to introduce new pigments and supplies to allow you to purchase the widest range of PMU products from our website. When new products are introduced, you can be sure we’re ready to stock them. This includes any developments in REACH-compliant products.


How will UK REACH be different from EU REACH?

UK REACH is a copy of EU REACH that will be almost identical in principle and will satisfy the same aims and purposes as its EU counterpart. However, REACH in the UK will be regulated by the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) instead of the EU’s version of this agency.



REACH is an EU regulation to protect people from hazardous chemicals. This includes the manufacturing, supplying, buying and selling of PMU pigments. Additionally, REACH encourages manufacturers to rely less on animal testing and chemicals that are harmful to the environment.

REACH came into effect for EU countries on 4th January 2022, banning a large number of PMU pigments with it. Inspections began been taking place since to ensure PMU artists, manufacturers and suppliers are compliant.

The UK is still currently allowed to use non-REACH-compliant pigments.

REACH compliance does NOT currently affect the UK PMU market. However, our industry knowledge tells us that it will be introduced in the near future. After UK REACH take affect, you can expect all the same rules and regulations to apply to you.

That’s our job! You can browse REACH-compliant pigments on our website and begin exploring the current range of REACH products for your business.

We know a lot of PMU artists who understandably don’t want to move on from the products they love to use. That’s why our customer support team are here if you have questions.

Currently the brands that are REACH compliant include:

Brands will continue to develop and release REACH-compliant pigments. We’ll aim to stock these products wherever possible to give you the best range of pigments for you to buy.

Tina Davies does not have a REACH-compliant pigment set but we’re told it’s in development. We’ll let you know as soon as we have more information on this.

The original Perma Blend range is not REACH-compliant but the Luxe range is. You can browse Perma Blend Luxe here.

Until UK REACH is introduced, yes. You can safely continue using all your current pigments until REACH takes affect and not after. You may be investigated for REACH non-compliance so it’s best to ensure you’re not using any banned products when REACH becomes enforceable.

Yes. We recommend you retouch using the same manufacturer who produced the product you used for the initial treatment.

Using non-REACH-compliant pigments after the deadline will become illegal. PMU artists could be randomly inspected similar to inspections taking place by the EHO across Europe already.