Introducing Perma Blend Luxe

As of the 4th of January 2022, new REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals) regulations went into effect, prohibiting the use of specified chemicals in all tattoo and permanent make-up inks supplied in Europe. 

This meant that Shop PMU Beauty alongside many other European permeant makeup suppliers are now unable to supply the original Perma Blend pigments we know and love.

But, fear not, Perma Blend have responded and ensured artists can still work with superior quality brow, lip and skin pigments that you’ve come to love, with the help of the new, vigorously tested Perma Blend Luxe pigment range.

The Perma Blend team have been very hard at work, making it their top priority to develop the brand new, luxury range, with the same quality you’d expect from the global manufacturer. The quality control system, ISO 13485, ensures that all goods are controlled at the greatest degree of efficiency and security. Now 100% EU and REACH compliant, adhering to all of the new regulations, you and all of the other talented PMU and cosmetic tattoo artists around the world can continue to strive!

We understand that the main concerns surrounding the new Luxe range is the colour difference between this and the original Perma Blend pigment series. In short, yes, the colours are different. This is because Luxe is a completely new range that holds a new formulation to adhere to the new European regulations. However, like Perma Blend, our dedicated team of industry experts have also been hard at work in colour matching the old to new pigments. We want you to have confidence when shopping with us and being able to take the guesswork out of your shopping, and allowing you to continue using the colours you love, is very important to us.

With 40 luscious and sought-after shades Perma Blend Luxe pigments on offer, our very own Director Naomi O’Hara, has thoroughly researched each pigment from the original series and new Luxe range. Giving you her upmost professional opinion on similar colour matches.

Here are some of Naomi’s recommended colour matches:

Are you going to be shopping with Shop PMU Beauty soon? Well, we’re already one step ahead and have included our alternative recommendations on each individual product page. Meaning, when you shop the original Perma Blend pigment, a pop-up will appear (or find it it in the product description) giving you a Luxe colour match. Now, that’s easy shopping!

Throughout the manufacturing process, Perma Blend have rigorously examined each pigment for micro issues, so you can rest assured that the new pigments you are working with are as safe as can be. With all colours being collaborate for ultimate precision, you can also ensure you are getting the best colour clarity for ease of use.

Perma Blend plan to release new colours as they are developed and gradually incorporate them into the new Luxe line.

How to use

  • Open safety seal
  • Shake pigment bottle before opening
  • Open cap and pour ink into a disposable cup
  • Close cap
  • Cleanse skin
  • Apply ink into the skin with a PMU machine or needles
  • Cleanse skin

It’s important to keep your pigments out of direct sunlight and to store at room temperature. For serious hygiene reasons, never for unused ink back into the bottle and discard of pigments 12 months after being opened. All Perma Blend colour inks can be mixed with shading solutions, colour enhancers or other branded pigment products.

Lou Rubino, founder of Perma Blend, has said “As we are artists ourselves… we are focused on ensuring our formulations meet the highest standards for quality and safety wherever they are sold. As each country develops their own new standards, we are committed to evolving to comply. This process is ongoing and we are committed to working as quickly and as thoroughly as possible”.

At the moment, Luxe is exclusively available to artists in the EU and supplied directly from us to our fantastic group of artists.

If you have any further questions regarding the new Luxe range or Perma Blend pigments in general, please contact us on

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