Try Me Needle Bundle for Brows

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How about trying these different needles for yourXion, Xion S, Bellar, Apollo, Cheyenne machines and most popular rotary machines?

One of each of these needles will help you to decide which you prefer: Peak Quartz, Vertix Nano or Peak Cerus?

  • 1 RL 0.25 Vertix
  • 5UM Vertix
  • 4 Flat Cerus
  • 3 slope Cerus
  • 3 RL Quartz
  • 5 RL Quartz

First, you'll have 2 VERTIX Needles in the bundle that are manufactured by the makers of Xion S, Bellar and Apollo machines. For absolute precision these needles are extremely sharp and are great at allowing you to get pigment into the skin. These needles are made with Japanese steel and have 2 outlets for greater airflow and less microscopic plume being pushed towards the artists face in the air during your treatment.

You also get 2 CERUS Needles from Peak suitable for both PMU artist and tattoo artists. The needles come in sloped and angled flat needle options. Each has 0.18mm to 0.35mm thicknesses. Like Quartz, these cartridges come with an inner mechanism that prevents ink-spit back. They offer very little vibration and are perfect for precision work.

The Peak QUARTZ needles are built with a stabiliser, making it easier to use. The built in stabiliser keeps it steady and central in the cartridge. All of these products are so affordable and great quality for the price.

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