VTCT Level 4 Certificate in Micropigmentation (Brow, Lip & Eyeliner)


Permanent make up is such an evolving industry and is a huge business. It seems everyone wants to wake up with makeup, and we can see why!

Our course is perfect for beginners as we teach you everything you need to know. We also include full training on Anatomy & Physiology and you will receive an additional ABT Accredited certificate to put on your wall. This course offers so much more than just tattooing, the training and after service is over and above what you would expect for this kind of course.

This Permanent Make Up course will teach you how to create:

  • Hair stroke brows
  • Powder brows
  • Top eyeliner
  • Bottom eyeliner
  • Lip liner
  • Lip blush

 You will spend 4 consecutive days with us. On day 1 you will cover all your theory work, this includes:

  • Health & safety
  • Anatomy & physiology
  • Medical conditions
  • Contraindications
  • Needle sizes and uses
  • Pigment & colour
  • Professional ethics
  • Marketing your business
  • Mapping & drawing on
  • Practise pads

The remaining 3 days will be your practical work. You don’t have to worry about models as we provide these for you.

In addition to your training you will receive:

  • State of the art Peak Kyan digital machine included PLUS your kit to complete your case studies
  • Models provided for training
  • Products and equipment provided for training
  • FREE Earn & Learn day if you need to refresh your skills before your assessment
  • Exclusive access to a private forum
  • Award winning customer service
  • Ongoing mentoring and support even after you have qualified
  • Discounted onsite hotel for our students that travel from further afield
  • Interest free payment plans available (no credit checks)

Following your training you will need to submit your portfolio. This will be some written coursework and 12 case studies:

  • 4 Brow
  • 4 Lip
  • 4 Eyeliner

Each case study is a combination of before, drawn on/mapped and after photographs and consent form. There is also a workbook to complete but no exam for this course.

Once this has been submitted, marked and approved, we will invite you for your 5th day with us, your assessment day. During this day we will observe you performing each of your treatments using all the protocols you have been taught. If successful, you are ready to start your business and making a huge return on your investment!

Included in the cost of your course is a starter kit to complete your case studies, this includes:

  • Peak Kyan digital machine & Atom X power pack
  • Tunic top
  • 4 Brow pigments
  • 3 Lip pigments
  • 2 Eyeliner pigments
  • 4 Brow needle cartridges (depending on preference in training)
  • 8 Needles for use with both lip and eyeliner
  • 1 Measuring calliper
  • 50 Pigment pots
  • 1 Practice pad
  • 1 Litre sterile water
  • 15 lip cord sleeves
  • 1 Roll of barrier film
  • 15 Disposable face masks
  • 15 Disposable aprons
  • 5 Saline eye wash vials
  • 5 Xailin eye drops ampules
  • 12 Plasters
  • 12 Micro lances
  • 12 Wound care packs
  • 1 China marker pencil (black)
  • 1 Craft knife
  • 8 Aftercare balm sachets

The cost of this VTCT course includes the mandatory VTCT (ITEC) Level 2 Award in Infection Prevention (COVID-19) for Beauty Therapy and Nail Services. This is a self-study course with a live exam which will be taken at the Academy.

  • Case studies: 12 
  • Assignment questions: Yes
  • Exam: No
  • Retouches for case studies allowed: Yes

Our full day courses run from 10am to 4.30pm. We ask that you arrive for around 9.30am so you can grab yourself a cuppa from our student lounge, meet your fellow students and get yourself prepared for your day of learning. Although we have a finish time in our classes, if we need to we will stay if your training needs us to.

Our classes are kept small to ensure you receive the attention you deserve. Our experienced trainers are hand-selected by our Training Director Naomi O’Hara and pride themselves on their delivery and attention to detail. Our award winning Customer Service Team will ensure they are there for you throughout your journey with us and after. We are more than just an Academy, we want you to be the best you can be and know that your training is just the start of your journey!

Student requirements

  • Must be aged 18+

This course takes place at Academy HQ in Portsmouth, Hampshire, over 5 days, including 4 consecutive training days followed by a separate assessment day, to be arranged after the training days.

You can pay via PayPal on any of our courses, allowing you to spread the cost and make more managable monthly payments.

If you are thinking about our Ultimate Gold Courseyou can call us on +44 (0333) 777 7689 or WhatsApp us on 07754 759346 to talk about a payment plan that suits your needs.

If you have any questions, about what we do, or what's the best product to use, or which course is right for you - you can call us on +44 (0333) 777 7689 for a chat, or you can WhatsApp us on 07754 759346, or email info@shoppmubeauty.com. Want us to call you?

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